Pre-Existing Plans for Elderly Parents in USA

Typically people in the age group of 50+ have some kind of pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, etc. Under stressful situations, such as transatlantic flight, these conditions can get worse even if they didn’t bother a visitor for many years prior the trip.

How can we protect our loved ones?

Visitor’s health insurance is the main source of protection for elderly parents. It will give your visitors a piece of mind starting from the time they go on the board of a plane in their home country, during their stay in USA, until they go back to their home country. Visitors insurance will cover parents in case of new sickness (for example, flu), accident (if they fall and break a bone) or if their pre-existing conditions bother them (only if pre-existing condition coverage is purchased).

What are the best visitor’s health insurance plans for senior people with pre-existing conditions?

  1. CHUBB Network plan – is a comprehensive plan with full pre-existing coverage which provides an access to the First Health Network where visitors will get extra savings and cashless claim settlement option.
    How does this plan work?
    CHUBB Network plan pays 80% of the entire bill (up to the policy maximum) when your visitor uses First Health Network. Your visitor will only be responsible for paying the deductible and the remaining 20% of the bill. The provider will file a claim for your visitor and apply discounted prices for all medical services your parent got.
  2. CHUBB Premier plan – is a fixed benefit plan which comes with a full pre-existing coverage. This plan allows choosing any provider your visitor would like.
    How does this plan work?
    CHUBB Premier plan pays fixed benefits for medical services. Typically your visitor will have to pay for a service upfront and after submit a claim for reimbursement.

What does a full pre-existing coverage give your visitors?

For example, if your father had a heart surgery 10 years ago, he will need a good plan with full pre-existing coverage such as CHUBB Network plan or CHUBB Premier plan. These plans will give him a chance to go to a cardiologist if after arrival in USA, he will start experiencing a chest pain. Also, these plans will cover some medicine’ cost for your father’s treatment.
Emergency care, ambulance, medical evacuation & repatriation services are also included in CHUBB Network and CHUBB Premier plan.

Advance to every visitor from Visitor Insurance Coverage

Getting a full pre-existing coverage is a must for every parent who is older than 50 years. Quite often people even don’t realize that minor problem with blood pressure or having heart stent surgery 10 years ago, will be considered pre-existing conditions even if otherwise a visitor is healthy and active.
Visitor Insurance Coverage is a leader in visitor’s health insurance world who offers only the best visitors plans from US-based underwriters. 24/7 live support from experienced insurance agents will help your visitors with every question or problems they might have. Call Visitor Insurance Coverage a call today at 408-540-3605.

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