IMG VisitorsCare®

Short-term travel medical insurance for non-U.S. citizens: Low-cost, scheduled benefits plan that addresses the insurance needs of non-U.S. citizens who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside of their home country.

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IMG Insurance Plans are underwritten by Sirius International, a NON USA and Non-admitted carrier.
Disclaimer: Please note that Non-admitted carriers are usually referred to as “surplus” or “excess lines insurers”. Non-admitted carriers are not regulated and do not contribute to the State Guaranty Fund, which protects policyholders from the bankruptcy of its insurance carrier (Google).

  • Short-term travel medical coverage
  • Coverage for individuals and dependents
  • Maximum Limits from $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000
  • Deductible Options from $0, $50 or $100
  • Coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuations
  • Return of Mortal Remains
  • Incidental Home Country Coverage
  • Optional Pre-existing Condition Rider
  • Minimum purchase of 5 days renewable up to 24 months
  • Freedom to seek treatment with hospital or doctor of your choice
  • 24 hour secure access from anywhere in the world to manage your account at any time

Who the plan is designed for:
  • Non-U.S. Citizens visiting the U.S. or traveling worldwide outside their home country
  • Parents and relatives visiting the U.S. or other international destinations
  • Recently arrived immigrants

You have enough to worry about when you’re traveling. Don’t let your medical coverage be an uncertainty. International Medical Group® (IMG®) has developed Visitors Care® to provide you and your family Coverage Without Boundaries® so you can spend more time enjoying your international experience, and less time worrying about your medical security.

Visitors Care offers a broad package of scheduled benefits for individuals traveling and/or temporarily residing outside their home country for a minimum of five days. There are nine separate options based on deductible levels and maximum limits. Simply select the option that best fits your needs.

Additionally, the Visitors Care plan offers excellent benefits and services to meet your global needs. You have access to international, multilingual customer service centers, claims administrators who process claims from all over the world, handling virtually every language and currency, and 24 hour access to highly qualified coordinators of emergency medical services and international treatment. You also may seek treatment with the hospital or doctor of your choice – you are not required to use a preferred provider network. However, if you need assistance, you have access to more than 17,000 providers through our International Provider AccessSM (IPA) when seeking treatment outside the U.S. When seeking treatment in the U.S., you may use the independent Preferred Provider Organization to assist you in locating providers.

  • All Non-US citizens or new immigrants visiting USA Are eligible to purchase this plan
  • A fixed benefit plan with Low Cost & lower Schedule of Benefits (read the benefits below)
  • Choice of Deductibles: $0, $50, $100
  • Plan Coverage can be from $25,000 up to $100,000 policy maximum
  • No Network Benefits and restrictions – go to Any doctor, any hospital

Medical Benefits Plan A with $25,000 Maximum Benefit per Life of Plan
Usual, reasonable and customary charges. Subject to deductible and coinsurance where applicable.

Inpatient Treatment $25,000 Policy Maximum
Hospital room and board Up to $825 per day, 30 day maximum per period of coverage
Intensive Care Up to an additional $400 per day, 8 day maximum per period of coverage
Surgical Treatment Up to $2000 per surgical session
Physician Consult Up to $350 per period of coverage
Pre-admission tests Up to $750 per period of coverage
Private-duty nurse Up to $400 per period of coverage
Physician Visits Up to $40 per visit, 30 visits per period of coverage

Outpatient Treatment

Surgical Treatment Up to $2,000 per surgical session
Surgical Facility Fee Up to $750 per surgical session
Diagnostic x-ray & Lab Up to $650 per period of coverage ($325 per procedure)
Hospital Emergency Room Up to $200 per visit
Prescription Drugs Up to $150 per period of coverage
Physicians visits Up to $50 per visit, 10 visits per period of coverage
Miscellaneous Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment
Anesthetist Up to $450 per surgical session
Assistant surgeon Up to $450 per surgical session

Other Coverages

Local Ambulance Up to $250 per period of coverage
Dental for accident to sound natural teeth Up to $350 per period of coverage
Physical Therapy Up to $25 per visit per day, 12 visits per period of coverage
Extended care facility Up to $150 per day, 15 day maximum per period of coverage

IMG Visitors Care®

Exclusions and Limitations

Charges for certain services, treatments and/or conditions, among others, are excluded from coverage under the Patriot plans and include but are not limited to:

  1. A Pre-existing Condition which is any injury, illness, sickness, disease, or other physical, medical, mental or nervous condition, disorder or ailment that, with reasonable medical certainty, existed at the time of application or at any time during the three years prior to the effective date of the insurance, including any subsequent, chronic or recurring complications or consequences related thereto or arising therefrom, whether or not previously manifested or known, diagnosed, treated, or disclosed.
  2. Treatment or surgeries which are elective, investigational, experimental or for research purposes.
  3. War, political insurrection, protest, or any act thereof.
  4. Immunizations and routine physical exams.
  5. Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint or dental treatment, except as otherwise expressly provided for in the Policy Wording.
  6. Venereal disease, AIDS virus, AIDS related illness, ARC Syndrome, or AIDS, and the cost of testing for these conditions, and charges for treatment or surgeries which are incurred by any Insured Person who was HIV+ at time of enrollment into this insurance.
  7. Pregnancy, childbirth, birth control, artificial insemination, treatment for infertility or impotency, sterilization or reversal thereof, or abortion.
  8. Any Injury or Illness sustained while taking part in: Amateur Athletics, Professional Athletics, or other athletic activity that is sponsored or sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (and/or any other collegiate sanctioning or governing body), or the International Olympic Committee. The following Adventure Sports are also excluded: abseiling, BMX, bobsled ding, bungee jumping, canyoning, caving, hang gliding, heli-skiing, high diving, hot air ballooning, inline skating (with proper use of helmet and pads), jet skiing, jungle zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, parachuting, paragliding, parascending, piloting a noncommercial aircraft, rappelling, rock climbing or mountaineering (ropes and guides to 4500m from ground level), scuba diving (to 50m), skydiving, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snow skiing, spelunking, surfing, trekking, whitewater rafting (to Class V), wildlife safaris, and windsurfing.Injury sustained while participating in contact sports of any kind, racing of any kind, any rodeo activity, BASE jumping, kiteboarding, mountaineering or climbing or trekking above elevation 4500 meters above ground level or without proper ropes or guides; luge, motocross, Moto-X, ski jumping, sub-aquatic activities below 50 meters, whitewater rafting exceeding Class V difficulty; and/or any other adventure sports activity.
  9. Vision or ear tests and the provision of visual or hearing aids.
  10. Vocational, recreational, speech or music therapy.
  11. Charges incurred for custodial care, educational or rehabilitative care, or nursing services.
  12. Charges, injuries and/or illnesses resulting or arising from or occurring during the commission or continuing perpetration of a violation of law by the Insured Person, including without limitation, engaging in an illegal occupation or act, but excluding minor traffic violations.
  13. Treatment for, and injuries and/or illnesses resulting or arising from, substance abuse or drug addiction.
  14. Injury and/or illness resulting or arising from being under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and injury or illness resulting from operating of any type of vehicle after consuming any alcohol or drugs.
  15. Willful self-inflicted injury or illness.
  16. Treatment required as a result of or arising from complications from a treatment or condition not covered under the Visitors Care plan.
  17. Any services or supplies performed or provided by a relative of the Insured Person or provided at no cost to the Insured Person.
  18. Treatment for mental and nervous disorders.
  19. Organ or tissue transplants, and all related services.
  20. Illness or injury where the trip to the host country is undertaken for treatment or advice for such illness or injury, except as expressly provided for in the certificate of insurance.
  21. Treatment incurred as a result of or arising from exposure to nuclear radiation, and/or radioactive material(s).

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (PPACA): This insurance is not subject to, and does not provide benefits required by, PPACA. On January 1, 2014, PPACA will require U.S. citizens and certain U.S. residents to obtain PPACA compliant insurance coverage unless they are exempt from PPACA. Penalties may be imposed on U.S. citizens and U.S. residents who are required to maintain PPACA compliant coverage but do not do so. Eligibility to purchase, extend or renew this product, or its terms and conditions, may be modified or amended based upon changes to applicable law, including PPACA. Please note that it is solely your responsibility to determine if PPACA is applicable to you.